War By Aileen McPherson WAR, when this word is spoken for many it conjures up Images, Foreign lands, ships for battle, thanks to siege, Bombs and guns, brutality, violence, and Death at the hands of another Human being. War is Hell, so they say. Yet, what of the other War? I hear you say, What […]


Changing By Aileen McPherson Break it down, Rock the town, Clear the air, Repair the Distrust, Learn to relax, Compassion cleanses, Mindfulness mends memories, My changes, are mine. Make Your Own!

Work in Progress

I’m working hard and it’s not easy, being mentally and physically drained, both by prescriptions, memories, and daily stressors, pushing forward seeking progress. Procrastination is the mind killer and is fed by fear, my first goal, is to make two posts daily, one here on WordPress and the other to the GoFundMe. It may not […]

Just another…

Just another… By Aileen McPherson Long haul days, short stormy nights, Angelic terrors fly through darkened rooms, Crack goes the whip, I’ll work harder, you scream, brace against the pain, Death be kind release me… Reality, Twas only, a dream? Throat a parched desert, Seeking Waters of life, where are you this night? Thank the […]

The McPherson Homeless Housing Campaign

Around Portland, various groups espouse the idea that they want to house the homeless. But currently, only a few hundred a year find housing at best, while the current housing crisis grows at a rate much faster than that. This will simply mask the problem for a while. Additionally, it will continue to exacerbate the […]

Off the roadsides

Not many of my family and readers may know, yet currently Charles and I live in an rv on the roadside. No we do not like this. No we do not want to be here, yet this was better than the village we lived in that made it its business to pry into yours. We […]

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels By Aileen McPherson Riot Cop, Riot Cop are you safe in your gear? RIOT COP, RIOT COP MOVE ALONG HERE! Riot Cop, RIot Cop Are You Safe In Your Gear? Your body has armor unlike mine friend. RIOT COP, RIOT COP I SAID MOVE ALONG OUTTA HERE ! Riot Cop, Riot Cop Are […]

Art @ Blick Art Supplies

Amazing Street Roots did a vendor profile on pg 6 of this week’s paper, on my work, which will be hanging until March 15th 2018. @ Blick Art Supplies in the Local Artist windows next to the Streetcar stop.  Address: 1115 NW Glisan St. Portland, OR 97209 Phone: (503) 223-3724 Store Hours: Mo-Sa: 9-8 Su: 11-6 Public Transit Options: The streetcar […]

AppLike friends program

Ihave received payouts from this app, sometimes it is slow, but that could be me as well, I want to see more game options. Did you already try? 🙂 +5000000 users worldwide are using it. With AppLike you will get rewarded for playing games! Discover new games every day and get paid through PayPal, Amazon, […]

Curtain Call

Hi everyone, I was given a beautiful sari by our Anjeli and it made the most beautiful curtain for our front window, check them out. I used the sari as the exterior layer and folded it over a thicker Celtic throw, then hand stiched in about a one inch edge, then finger crocheted loops which […]

I rejoiced

Submitted to Street Roots 01-04-2018 I rejoiced By Aileen McPherson Survive a holiday get together, feeling Nervous, do myself a service, sit and draw, ease Jittery hand busy makes mind steady, cold deep Bones feel like breaking, nerves consistently Shaken, body weak makes mind bleak, present Stay mindful, look to the future, goals simple make […]

Special Talents

Special Talents By Aileen McPherson I’m a jack of all trades, a Master Of none, a seamstress, carpenter, many Say counselor, others a teacher, a gift Writer of offerings, designing visions Painted, sketched, molding dreams Fashion clay, sculpting, staining windows Fused inside glass. What special talent do I see, its Me, a creator of beauty, […]

One Memory

One Memory By Aileen McPherson It’s hard to choose one memory, out So many, so few, which one, past Loves, loss, children playing, tempers Fanning campfires, holidays crossed Boundaries, found blessings, learning Memories categorized, bring Peaceful retrospection, lessons Recognize old drills, no longer Terrorizing a mindful will, power Courage to me, strength to you, Hope […]

Morning World

Seven come eleven, Coffee and muffins, muffins and coffee rich dark roast add a splash of mint, half and half to cool and delicious to the last. A simple breakfast at a small price, a friendly smile makes the morning bright, onward to catch my ride with love at my side. Am I early or […]

My Healthcare testimonial

My Healthcare Testimonial submitted to Street Roots, in response to the measure that is trying to be passed to cut and or limit healthcare in Oregon, this was shortened for social media character restrictions, however this is the original article . A Necessity for Life By Aileen McPherson Healthcare, many individuals take this necessity for […]

Mind Numbing at 23

Mind Numbing at 23 When your brain goes insane in the truest refrain, just smile and wave, of course you’re ok, why wouldn’t you be, just because you’ve climbed a two story tree, asking just to be let me be, sitting on a limb, cold November wind blows chilling face, hands, down to the bone, […]

Escaping into Comfort

Published in the Street Roots 2017 Zine Perspectives on Escape Escaping into Comfort By Aileen McPherson I found you one fall day in the overstuffed rack at Mae’s Thrift Store, I searched that rack twice. I passed you by until again you said Hi! You were a big, baggy turtleneck meh it will work, and green […]

Defunct Composition Book: Tell me a Story? 

Defunct Composition Book: Tell me a Story? By Aileen McPherson Tell me a story of Days long gone with Knights and Ladies and Chivalry before it Died. Tell me the Story of when you Met, of sunny days And stary nights, Of kisses sweet and Hugs so tight. Tell me a story of Days gone […]

Down to Earth

Down to Earth By Aileen McPherson Time lost, brain full of cobwebs, memories Like ghosts haunt me as I make toast Coffee please make the aches Ease grogginess due to medications Treating pains, out the window I do Look, city streets cold grey buildings, steep steel crushing concrete Blocks landscapes, sky above cries Trying to […]


Quite By Aileen McPherson If only the world, Knew the quite inside, Share it without, No doubt we could, Strive to be kinder, Wiser.

Liquid Sunshine 

Liquid Sunshine By Aileen McPherson Darkness blankets, dampens Spirits, pouring tears Breaking sky, worlds collide, Face the sky, cleansing Sol speaks to souls, stem The tide, light no longer Hides, rain bright brings Delight, upon misty Mornings, sometimes floods Without warning, stay dry Until crying sky subsides, be The light despite a soaking Through the […]


Thankful By Aileen McPherson In the past is where thanksgiving shall Stay, it will not be allowed to color the Now, I have learned to discern, blessings True friends who are more family, than Blood feasts long gone to graves silent Were they belong, no tormenting Tearful refrains as unwelcome specters Dissipating, steam rising from […]


Wanting By Aileen McPherson As a child I wanted many things, but all paled In comparison to the want and longing for a home, A home full of love, a home that was mine, freedom To live a peaceful quite life, with a partner who loved Me, and a family furry or human it mattered […]